The Atheist Experience (Live)

The Atheist Experience Technical FAQ

This page answers frequently asked questions about a number of technical issues concerning The Atheist Experience. If you're looking for answers to questions about atheism, take a look at the ACA's frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Can I call in to the show?

Part of what makes The Atheist Experience popular is our interaction with our audience. We feel that the best interaction is with people who are watching the show. We encourage callers to either watch the show live in Austin or via the video streams.

As of February 2016, we have a VoIP phone system that allows you to call the show using your PC via phone 1-512-686-0279 or by using this button . Note that you must ou MUST be running one of the following browswers as they contain support for WebRTC:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Android devices running Chrome
Once you click, you'll have a chance to configure your mic and speakers. When you are on the air, please silence the show stream, if you are watching online. If you generate feedback, we will likely disconnect you. We will only answer calls during a live show.

As a backup procedure, you can contact us via Skype. Skype a request to "theatheistexperience". We will message back when you are queued for a call. Do not call us. We will likely phase out this way of taking callers as it tends to interrupt the flow of the show.

Do you have a live stream of your video over the Internet?

Yes. We are now streaming via the The Atheist Experience Channel on ustream and our YouTube channel.

Do you want feedback about the show quality?

We do appreciate feedback on the technical quality of our show. The feedback is most useful on the most recent episode (not past ones).

Of course, if you have feedback on the content of the show, we'd like to hear that, too. Write us and let us know what you think. Or you can post a comment to our Atheist Experience Blog. We generally have a post for each episode.

I wish I could watch The Atheist Experience in my town.

Currently, we are not syndicated, but getting it shown is not impossible. Someone in that community needs to do a few things. Are you that person? Many cities have locally produced channels that are usually looking for content. Check to see if you city has such a channel. Contact them and find out the technical requirements for making that happen. Often, it's just a matter of getting them a play-able DVD. Don't assume it's too complicated. Once you've checked with your local TV station, contact us and we will work with you to help make that happen.

We offer reduced subscription rates on our DVDs for people airing them in their local area.

Who does your opening theme?

We've used a lot of music over the years and occassionally run into copyright issues. More recently, we've used Bryan Steeksma's "Listen to Reason". He has graciously allowed us to use it on the show (he's a fan). Check out his web site at Due to the for-profit nature of YouTube, we have not been able to continue using that theme and we've dropped our opening theme music for now.

What happened to the audio (podcast) from the most recent episode?

Usually, the audio of the show is published within a few hours after the show ends. (Note that at this time, it may not be labeled properly in our database.) Occasionally, we have technical problems where the audio of the show is delayed. Double-check the archive to make sure there was a live show. We will generally get the audio up in a day or two of a live show, regardless of technical problems.

I wrote you guys, but you didn't respond. What's up?

We read every e-mail message you guys write. We promise. We get a lot of e-mail and we sometimes can't respond to every one. It doesn't hurt to put "atheist experience" or "AETV" in the subject line. Doing so will help us sort your e-mail from the spam. As a rule, we often don't respond to:
  • Life stories. We appreciate reading how people came to the path of atheism. We love to learn what helps people make the transition. Often, a long history is just too much to respond to. If we do respond, it will be one of our crew for whom something you said struck a chord. We just don't have time for long interactions in e-mail. If it's enough for you that someone is reading your story, please send 'em in. If you're local, come and interact with us in person. That's the way to go. The ACA also runs e-mail forums for more social interaction. See our Yahoo groups and our message boards.
  • Links to news stories. We appreciate people sending us links. Often, we're on top of the topic, but sometimes our audience catches something that we missed. We're always looking for show topics and things to comment on. We get a lot of these sorts of e-mail, and the response is usually, "thanks for the link."
  • "Great job." We love to hear that we're making a positive impact on people's lives. We appreciate, too, that you've taken the time to write. Don't forget to turn some of that energy into action. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, your representative, or make a blog. Let us inspire you to make an impact, too.
Keep the e-mail coming. Do tell us where you're writing from and maybe a bit about what the state of church and state is there (if you're outside the US).

Who do I contact about web site issues?

You can use the ACA Contact page and report a web site issue on any of the ACA's web sites. Be sure and include a link to the page you're referencing. Thanks.